In Pakistan, hiring managers reserve lower-class and lower-paying jobs for Christians. Local advertisements name “only non-Muslim minorities will be accommodated.” They even state “Christians only” for their lower-paying jobs.

This situation creates the need for the bonded-labor loans in the first place. It's also the reason why many young women feel forced to endure abuse in the homes of their Muslim neighbors.

Where else will they earn a living?

Job scarcity for Pakistani Christians creates a perpetuating cycle of poverty. We’re here to break the cycle. (You can join us!)

Additionally, families transitioning out of a life in the brick factory need support.

Hephzibah Beauty School Opened by SMI in 2019

Henna tattoo art is taught at the Hephzibah Beauty School. Henna is traditionally used during weddings and other special occasions in Pakistan.

Where SMI Comes In

SMI comes alongside to help this transition be as smooth and successful as possible. We are ready to help them with a few basic necessities, if needed, and we offer prayer support while we help them find new jobs.

Through our employment support program, we help Christians in difficult situations find new jobs that generate a sustainable income so they can stay out of debt. And live in freedom.


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