St. Martin’s school (Registered) Jhang Punjab Pakistan

District Jhang has a great historic value. It’s situated on the bank of two rivers Chenab and Jhelum Where Alexander the great encamped. There are many other historical aspects of Jhang, but it’s essential to mention here that Noble Laureate, Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam belongs to Jhang. This land is fertile, and people’s livelihood depends on agriculture and farming predominately. Despite of progressive Era the district comprises on rural areas villages and small towns, where at the present education is the only key to change lives of people for a better living.

In Jhang district people with different faiths are living. Christian community is second big community. There are three colonies of Christians in Jhang

1. Christian colony Jhang

2. Talab committee Jhang

3. Mujahid colony Sufi Mor Jhang

In 1976 Fr. Fortuna catholic priest of Diocese of Faisalabad brought some Christian families here, bought a land and populated a colony for Christians. He named it Christian colony. By the passage of time, it was felt that its necessary to start a school to educate the children. As it was the need of the hour. Finally in May 1985 Rev. Fr. Bonnie Mande’s Started primary school in Christian colony Jhang and named it St. Martin’s School.

St. Martin’s school played a pivotal role in educating many people. This was the time when Sacred Heart school was the only English medium school in the town. But it was very far from the colony, and it was not possible for poor people of Christian colony to send their children there to get education. In this scenario St. Martin’s school was not less than a blessing for the community. Latter this primary school was registered with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Faisalabad and got the status of a middle school. Many Christian students got their matriculation degree from St. Martin’s school Jhang as private Students. It changed the lives of many.

A decade and a half ago due to lack of funds The Church closed this school and abandoned the building that was almost destroyed because of not being used. People of the community either sent their children to other schools or no school at all. The families thought that St. Martin’s school’s revival is much needed for the religious growth and Christian education of children with Christian family background.

In 2020, Tanveer Gulzar son of the soil an entrepreneur and Banker by profession, who lives in the United State was approached by members of the community to reopen the school for their children. He expressed his desire to His Excellency Most Rev. Bishop Dr. Indrias Rehmat Bishop of Faisalabad Diocese, Pakistan, to revive the community’s school again and run independently. His excellency has always had heart for promotion of the education, he appreciated Mr. Gulzar’s desire and passion to restart the school to serve the nation. For this Cause Mr. Tanveer Gulzar Visited Pakistan in 2021 and after few meetings and negotiations the school building was leased to the current management.

School’s building was renovated, the new staff was hired and finally in 6th February, 2021 St. Martin’s school was reopened for the children of Christian colony Jhang. People were overwhelmed with a great and historic step taken by His Excellency Rev. Bishop Indrias Rehmat, Tanveer Gulzar and the team. People of the community thanked the Lord and started bringing their children back from other schools to St. Martin’s School. In the very first month of its revival St. Martin’s school had 150 students on roll and the number is still increasing.

St. Martin’s school is not for a specific community. Our doors are open for people of all faiths and religions or cast and creed. The school have Christian education classes for Christian students and Islamic studies classes for Muslim students.

Our mission and moto are to educate children and to help them get a better life and grow up to be the great citizens of Pakistan and serve all over the world as future professionals.

We have library with amazing books to read and develop the interest of reading in students in the school. We have an effective and state of the art computer lab to teach about the technology and computer basic education.

We don’t just focus on the formal learning, but we also enhance and polish the hidden talent of students by arranging co-curricular activities like Art, Music, Debates, General knowledge, Scrabble and Sports.

St. Martin's School 

In 2021, SMI  took over St. Martin’s School in Jhang, Pakistan. This is the only school in the area of Christian Colony, that will provide a Christian education to children of Christian families. Eventually the school will be able to serve 600 Christian students who otherwise might have to go to Non Christian schools or work at brick kilns or as domestic aid, from a very early age.

Our focus is to give our Christian children the opportunity to learn the Bible and grow in faith in Christ Jesus while getting their academic education in a caring Christian environment.

We currently have 201 students enrolled and there is about 16 member staff is hired to to educate these children

Unquantifiable Impact

While we strive to be clear about impact data with our donors, there is, of course, the kind of impact that cannot be measured with numbers.

Children who work in the brick kilns get the chance to hope. They can dream—about a better future, about what they want to be when they grow up, etc. They can PLAY. Sometimes, the SMI school is the only chance a child gets to play. For many of them, it’s the only time they get to leave the brick factory. They are overjoyed.

The children look forward to a nourishing meal. They have goals with their education. They get to take ownership over some aspect of their lives. They also know that there are adults in their lives who care about them and are willing to support them.

That kind of impact is immeasurable and priceless.

Please stay tuned to see how the impact grows as we continue to grow as a ministry!


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