Board of Directors

Tanveer Gulzar 

Executive Director

Raised in an orphanage in rural Pakistan, Tanveer carries a deep love and fiery passion for his Christian brothers and sisters. Graduating with a B.A. in Organizational Communications and completing coursework towards a Master of Organizational and non-profit Leadership, Tanveer is an entrepreneur and a Banker with the local bank. He founded Mission Outreach Pakistan (which later became Savior’s Mission International) in an effort to support his Christian brothers and sisters who are in need of our support, in Pakistan. Tanveer is a visionary and is relentless in his pursuit of helping others. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and two children and keeps busy working full-time at a local bank, running an assisted living facility, attending Bible school and conducting the many moving pieces of SMI.

Fred Bills 

Treasurer & Chairman

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fred is a developer at heart. He graduated from Saint Cloud State University with a degree in business and received post-graduate training in Systems Engineering from IBM. Over the past 45 years, he’s established and managed several companies and is currently the CEO of Truth Partners, LLC. With a passion for evangelism and discipleship, Fred is heavily involved with Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC), leading four groups with the ministry, and has served as a leader in various church ministries. Fred lives in Independence, Minnesota, with his wife, Margie, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Brent Bills

Brent works as an IT consultant and has been involved in business and ministry leadership for over 20 years. Brent brings an analytical mind and a heart for God to the board of SMI. He currently leads his church’s prayer team and is on the Overseer board for his church network. His educational background is in political science, law and theology. Brent lives west of Minneapolis with his family and enjoys long books, deep conversations, strong coffee and cheering from the stands for his kids.



School administrator by profession, Anosh trains the teachers of SMI and administrates the organization in Pakistan. He creates the curriculum for the programs, coordinates the volunteers and oversees the day-to-day operations. He also does the bookkeeping, translation work  and designing for the Ministry. 

Pastor Naseeb Yaqub and Saba Yaqub

Pastor Naseeb is chairman of Living Hope for World Church that he started in 2018. By the grace of God, they have five churches in the rural areas of district Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan, where they are working to fulfill their passion to save the lost at any cost.
Pastor Naseeb considers his wife a blessing in his life and ministry. Saba has the gift of teaching and holds a Master's Degree. She is teaching the Bible in four different areas to the students in the district Faisalabad.
Pastor Naseeb and Saba enjoy traveling to different mission fields to share the Word of God and save the souls.
God has blessed them with two beautiful children.

 Farhan Sardar

Farhan Sardar is married to his wife Hina and the Lord has blessed them with two beautiful children. He has a heart to share the gospel with the people of his colony in Gojra. He has been working with SMI for the youth programs since 2021. He is hardworking man who drives taxi to support to his family  while sharing the good news of the Lord with young children in his city. He has been faithful to the ministry and is praying for God's wisdom to become full time evangelist as the door opens. 


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